Locals a part of ILWU

Local 400
Marine section
120-111 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC   V5L 4C4
Phone:  604-251-7174
Fax:    604-251-7241
President: Jason Woods
Website: ilwu400.org

Local 500
Longshore, samplers, testers, marine surveyors
100-111 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC   V5L 4C4
Phone:  604-254-7131
Fax:    604-254-7127
President: Rino Voci
Website: ilwu500.org

Local 502
11828 Tannery Rd.
Surrey, BC   V3V 3W7
Phone:  604-580-8882
Fax:    604-580-4440
President: Rick Hurtubise
Website: ilwu502.ca

Local 505
P.O. Box 505
Prince Rupert, BC   V8J 3R5
Phone:  250-624-3558
Fax:    250-624-6913
President: Jimmy Andreff

Website: ilwu505.org

Local 508
P.O. Box 179, 
Chemainus, BC   V0R 1K0
Phone:  250-246-3623
Phone:  250-246-4314
Fax:    250-246-2204
President: Mark Braithwaite
Website: http://ilwulocal508.ca

Local 514
Ship and Dock Foremen
4045 First Ave
Burnaby, BC   V5C 3W5
Phone:  604-298-9684
Fax:    604-298-9309
President: Frank Morena

Local 517
P.O. Box 28164, RPO West Pender
Vancouver, BC  V6C 3T7
Phone:  604-254-8141
Fax:    604-254-8183
President: Wendy Clayford
Website: ilwu517.com

Local 519
205 5th Street – P.O. Box 213
Stewart, BC   V0T 1W0
Phone:  250-636-2500
Fax:    250-636-2500
President: Slade Ramsay

Local 520
Boatmen/Dispatcher/Office Staff
#1000 – 1130 Pender St. W.
Vancouver, BC   V6E 4A4
Phone:  604-666-0354
Fax:    604-666-6093
President: Rachael MacDougall

Local 522
#180 – 111 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC   V5L 4C4
Phone:  604-254-8141
Fax:    604-254-8183
President: Calvin Rowat

Local 523
Ridley Island Terminals
86 Hays Cove Circle
Prince Rupert, BC   V8J 2C2
Phone:  250-600-1360
President: Kyle Husoy

GWU Local 333 ILWU
#103 – 3989 Henning Drive
Burnaby, BC, V5C 6P8
Phone: 604-254-8635
President: Doug Lea-Smith
Website: grainworkersunion.com

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