Say No to Hate

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Attention Locals and Affiliates:

On September 20th hate groups around the country will be setting up protests against members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. As a Union we must stand against actions such as these as it promotes hatred and divisiveness towards members of the working class.

Our Union since its inception has supported workers that have been targeted through hate and misinformation and shall continue to do so now and into the future. Our 10 Guiding Principles demand that we must protect all workers, Guiding Principle #3 says it the best:

#3 – Workers are indivisible. There can be no discrimination because of race, color, creed, national origin, religious or political belief, sex, gender preference, or sexual orientation. Any division among the workers can help no one but the employers. Discrimination of worker against worker is suicide. Discrimination is a weapon of the boss. Its entire history is proof that it has served no other purpose than to pit worker against worker to their own destruction.”

Do not be drawn into the hate! Do not be drawn into the misinformation and redirection of those who wish to divide labour! This struggle is no different than all the social causes we have supported through the generations of the ILWU, it is our Union doing what it does best, standing up for people in our communities that need our help!

We must stand up for all workers and their families, if we stop defending the rights of those who need our help we have failed as a labour movement.

Say NO to hate!

In Solidarity,

Rob Ashton


ILWU Canada

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