Scam Circulating Using ILWU Officers Names

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Dear Rank and File

There is currently a scam circulating using a fake email that shows up as the name Rob Ashton and has also showed up as Rick Hurtubise. The scammer is asking if you can do them a personal favour. the next email is followed up with a would you be able to get a Walmart Visa Gift Card purchase done for me now at any nearest store with your personal funds? I will reimburse you tomorrow evening. I am planning on surprising some of our diligent Board Members with gifts, I want this to remain confidential until the announcement is made later today. Requesting a prompt response.

This is a scam and at no time would ILWU ever request anyone to go get Walmart Visa Gift cards or any other gift cards for that matter. If you are ever unsure please call the ILWU Canada office or the Officer directly. If you have received a scam email could you please forward it to and report it as spam.

We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

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